A brief Belgian Tail

A special moment I thought I would share

One evening at the ranch (before lake circle), I walked down to the back pasture to feed the Belgians. It was a crisp, clear winter’s day. This was at dusk for the evening feeding. As I arrived at the tarp that the alfalfa hay was stored under, I noticed that there wasn't a breath of air moving, just total, quiet peace, the only sound was the horses breathing. The other thing I noticed was that there was a foggy haze that covered the whole pasture about four feet high. The temperature was below freezing.

I bent down to pick up some hay, and when I stood up, maybe five seconds later, the fog was gone and there was a layer of frost on the ground where before, there was none. It really blew me away and I always regretted not seeing the instant that the fog crystallized into ice and fell. I never forgot that moment.